With the United States natural fiber underwear joined the entire store output mode worry and effort

Leave the university life, in the face of more and more large employment force, more and more graduates choose to start their own businesses, and some high threshold conditions of joining let them discouraged, I do not know how to site, opening, management is a big problem. With the United States and franchisees from the immediate interests of their starting point, the whole store output mode worry and effort.


From pre-shop location and investment analysis, store image and decorative style design, to medium-term sales skills, product display, operating processes, promotional models, new products such as training and guidance, post-sale service, involving franchise stores , Management, personnel and other aspects of the project by the United States headquarters with the United States to implement all the unified model, so you do not have to worry about.

Through large-scale production and investment, strict control of costs, enlarge customer profits, take a low input policy, save costs, reduce investment pressure on franchisees to maximize the benefits, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation.

Bath Rugs & Mats, including the Microfiber material, Chenille Material, and 100% cotton material Tub Mat, Foot Towel, Rug Runners, Shower Mats. 

It also can be used as Carpet, Soft, comfortable, and colorful, they are multi use and good choice for your home decoration.

Bath Rugs can be used in Bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, stairs, car seats, etc.

Different quality and colors available, Classic or Luxury- it is up to you. Reactive dyeing, Plush soft surface, absorbent strong, latex non-slip bottom, don't hair slip, don't rub off, don't lose color, easy cleaning.

Standard Size (cm):
Rectangle Tub Mat:33*50 40*60 45*65 45*70 45*7050*80 60*90, etc.

Oval Tub Mat:40*60 45*65 50*80, etc.

Half round Mat:40*60 45*70 50*80 60*90, etc.

Heart shape Mat:  50*60 60*70 70*80 80*90 100*120, etc.

Bath Rugs

Bath Mats

Bath Rugs & Mats

Bath Rugs,Round Bath Rugs ,Large Bathroom Rugs,Luxury Bath Rugs

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